Fernando VII (1814) by Francisco Goya

Fernando VII - Francisco Goya - 1814

Artwork Information

TitleFernando VII
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions225.5 x 124.5 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Santander, Spain

About Fernando VII

The artwork entitled “Fernando VII” is a notable creation by the esteemed artist Francisco Goya, completed in the year 1814. This oil on canvas masterpiece falls within the Romanticism art movement and is of the portrait genre. The dimensions of the artwork are considerable, measuring 225.5 by 124.5 centimeters. Presently, the artwork graces the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts located in Santander, Spain.

The artwork deftly captures the figure of the Spanish monarch Fernando VII, standing resolute with a commanding presence. The king is adorned in ornate regal attire, including a richly decorated red sash and a blue ribbon, indicative of high chivalric orders. His right hand rests elegantly on a draped red cloth, while his left hand grasps the hilt of a sword, possibly symbolizing his military power and sovereign authority. Behind the king, a classical statue further elevates the sense of strength and stateliness associated with his image.

In the foreground, a lion lies in repose, a traditional emblem of royalty and bravery, enhancing the majestic aura of the subject. Scattered around the lion are broken chains and shackles, perhaps alluding to the monarch’s perceived role in liberating the nation or an indication of his absolute power to govern without fetters. The intentional use of darkness enveloping the figure serves to draw the viewer’s focus to the king’s visage and regal vestments, showcasing Goya’s mastery in manipulating light and shadow to foreground the central subject.

Overall, the artwork embodies the grandeur and gravity befitting a royal portrait of the time, while subtly invoking the complex political undertones characteristic of Goya’s broader body of work.

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