Fêtes des Filets Bleus à Concarneau (2024) by Alain Briant

Fêtes des Filets Bleus à Concarneau - Alain Briant - 2024

Artwork Information

TitleFêtes des Filets Bleus à Concarneau
ArtistAlain Briant
MediumOil on Canvas
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About Fêtes des Filets Bleus à Concarneau

The artwork titled “Fêtes des Filets Bleus à Concarneau” is a creation of Alain Briant dated 2024. This oil on canvas measures 31.5 by 31.5 inches and is a genre painting within the figurative art movement. It captures a slice of life, perhaps a traditional event or celebration, reflecting the culture of the time and place depicted.

Upon examining the artwork, one is immediately drawn to the rich textures and vivid palette that characterize the scene. The composition showcases a group of individuals, predominantly women and children, clad in traditional attire. Central to the artwork is a woman prominently featured, her gaze directed away from the viewer, with a child in her arms. The distinctive headwear and costumes suggest a cultural specificity, likely linked to the region and the festivities of the Filets Bleus, a hallmark event in the French town of Concarneau, celebrated for its traditional Breton heritage.

The attendees appear to be gathered under umbrellas, indicating an overcast day or a moment of rainfall during the celebration. The artist’s skill with oil paints is evident in the way light and shadow play across the fabrics and faces, conveying a sense of depth and atmosphere. Despite any inclement weather, the spirit of the event is unwavering, captured in the faces and postures of the subjects. Each individual contributes to the overarching narrative of communal tradition and celebration. The expressive brushwork and color choice by Briant lend a vibrancy to the scene, bringing the moment captured on canvas to life with an earnest authenticity.

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