Figures Drinking In A Courtyard (1658) by Pieter De Hooch

Figures Drinking In A Courtyard - Pieter De Hooch - 1658

Artwork Information

TitleFigures Drinking In A Courtyard
ArtistPieter De Hooch
MediumOil On Canvas, Mounted On Panel
Dimensions26 5/8 x 22 5/8 in (67.6 x 57.5 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Figures Drinking In A Courtyard

Pieter de Hooch’s painting of ‘A Dutch Courtyard’ portrays figures drinking in a courtyard. The painting is currently being displayed at the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, Netherlands. De Hooch was known for his keen observation and attention to detail, which is evident in this work through the intricate patterns of tiles and the passageway through a house.

The woman dressed in black and red attire is oddly detached from the building and courtyard along with other figures seen drinking. In his earlier work, De Hooch painted scenes of soldiers and peasants gathering around taverns or stables similar to Adriaen van Ostade’s mannerism.

De Hooch used light, color, and perspective beautifully to create this artwork. His use of contrasting shades highlights the differences between the sun-lit areas and shadows cast by buildings present in the background. He also employed warm lighting that provides an ambiance within which adds depth to his artwork.

Pieter de Hooch’s “Figures Drinking In A Courtyard” painting beautifully captures everyday life during 1658 with inventive subject composition that emphasis on detail while subtly conveying storytelling with light techniques.

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