Figures In A Landscape (1972-73) by Sidney Goodman

Figures In A Landscape - Sidney Goodman - 1972-73

Artwork Information

TitleFigures In A Landscape
ArtistSidney Goodman
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions55 x 96 in (139.7 x 243.8 cm)
Current LocationPhiladelphia Museum Of Art

About Figures In A Landscape

Figures in a Landscape is a 1972-73 painting by the famous American figurative painter and draftsman Sidney Goodman. Goodman, known for his metaphysical style, explored the human form through his art. The painting depicts a family – a child, woman and man – against the backdrop of mountains, houses and tall green trees. In the foreground is a sandbox and swing set.

Despite its seemingly straightforward portrait of a nuclear family, the painting has an undeniable mood of foreboding. It uses dark colors to evoke an atmosphere that could be construed as uncomfortable or unsettling for some viewers. This effect is likely heightened by the jarring juxtaposition between the lightheartedness of the playground equipment in front of them and what appears behind them — eternal hills or ominous clouds looming above their heads.

One significant aspect of “Figures in a Landscape” that many art enthusiasts appreciate is how it shows Goodman’s use of light and color to convey emotion or create specific moods within his artwork. He seems to deliberately use color choices like dark blues or browns to indicate perilous situations rather than brighter shades such as yellows which usually suggest happiness or safety in paintings.

In conclusion, “Figures in a Landscape” stands as one of Sidney Goodman’s greatest works that accurately showcases his talent for exploring human figures using distinctive metaphysical styles while incorporating effective use lightings and shadows to portray certain moods realistically.

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