Finding a song (2020) by Francesca Borgo

Finding a song - Francesca Borgo - 2020

Artwork Information

TitleFinding a song
ArtistFrancesca Borgo
MediumAcrylic, Resin on Canvas
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About Finding a song

The artwork titled “Finding a song” is a creation by artist Francesca Borgo, completed in the year 2020. This particular piece employs acrylic and resin on canvas, measuring 39.4 by 39.4 inches. Its genre is categorized as landscape, and it is associated with the abstract art movement. The artwork presents a cohesive exploration of form, color, and texture, revealing the implicit emotion and dynamism found within the abstraction of the natural world.

In the artwork, the viewer may observe a soft interplay of light and shadow, rendered through a delicate gradient of colors ranging from deep blues to light, almost ethereal, cream hues. The soft edges and the fluidity of shapes suggest an atmosphere akin to gazing up at a sky filled with billowing clouds. There is a palpable sense of movement conveyed, as if the clouds are adrift, allowing for a contemplative and open interpretation.

The use of acrylic and resin imparts a depth and luminosity to the composition, creating a sense of layering and complexity, which invites the viewer to delve into the subtleties of the painted surface. The abstract approach removes any direct representation, instead providing an experience more akin to an emotional or sensory interaction with the elements of the natural landscape it alludes to. The title “Finding a song” itself may inspire the viewer to consider the ways in which the artwork resonates on a personal level, much like the nuanced layers of a song, prompting an introspective journey through its abstract landscape.

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