First Snow, North Shore of Lake Superior (1923) by Lawren Harris

First Snow, North Shore of Lake Superior - Lawren Harris - 1923

Artwork Information

TitleFirst Snow, North Shore of Lake Superior
ArtistLawren Harris
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions123 x 153.3 cm (48 1/4 x 60 3/8 in.)
Art MovementArt Deco
Current LocationVancouver Art Gallery

About First Snow, North Shore of Lake Superior

Lawren Harris, a distinguished artist, created the artwork titled “First Snow, North Shore of Lake Superior” in 1923. This landscape painting, executed in oil on canvas, is a representative of the Art Deco movement of the time. The artwork boasts dimensions of 123 by 153.3 centimeters and is currently housed at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The artwork presents a stylized depiction of a landscape scene that embodies the spirit of the northern Canadian terrain. The painting is characterized by its clean lines and a limited, albeit vibrant, color palette, hallmarks of the Art Deco movement. Dominant within the composition are the impressive forms of the mountains that rise steeply from the lake’s shore, rendered in shades of deep green and blue, puzzlingly intertwining both shadow and light. A solitary, sharply defined structure, which appears to be a beacon or building, stands out prominently with its luminescent yellow illumination contrasted against the natural forms. This man-made construction juxtaposes the organic shapes of the landscape, creating a powerful focal point.

The foreground features the expansive and undulating snowy terrain, capturing the essence of the freshly fallen snow with harmonious curves that lead the eye through the composition. Overhead, the sky is dominated by undulating clouds with a rhythmic quality, enhancing the sense of movement throughout the scene. The artwork exudes a meditative tranquility while also conveying the majestic and unyielding presence of the northern landscape that Harris aimed to portray.

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