Fisherman’s Cottage (1907) by Harald Sohlberg

Fisherman's Cottage - Harald Sohlberg - 1907

Artwork Information

TitleFisherman's Cottage
ArtistHarald Sohlberg
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions109 x 94 cm
Current LocationCollection of Edward Byron Smith

About Fisherman's Cottage

Fisherman’s Cottage is a landscape painting created by Harald Oscar Sohlberg in 1907. It is an oil on canvas work measuring roughly 9 x 12 inches, and it currently located at the Art Institute of Chicago. This painting exemplifies the care Sohlberg took in creating his works: its attention to detail in depicting the small cottage, lake and trees reflects his intense artistry.

The title of this piece, Fisherman’s Cottage, also accurately captures the feel of the painting. When looking at it, viewers can almost feel like they are standing right outside of the small cottage with a view of the lake by moonlight behind it. This painting gives viewers an insight into what life may have been like for people living in rural Norway at that time.

Fisherman’s Cottage by Harold Oscar Sohlberg provides unique insight into Norwegian landscapes and culture from 1907. It is part of a fascinating collection from Art Institute of Chicago which includes many other masterpieces from talented artists over time, such as John Sloan’s 1912 McSorley’s Bar which tells its own story about people living in New York City during this era.

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