Flag (1954-55) by Jasper Johns

Flag - Jasper Johns - 1954-55

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
MediumEncaustic, oil and collage on fabric mounted on plywood
Dimensions42 1/4 x 60 5/8 in.
Current LocationThe Museum of Modern Art, New York

About Flag

Flag is a significant encaustic painting created by Jasper Johns in 1954-55. The inspiration for the painting came from a dream that Johns had of the American flag. What makes this piece so significant is that it broke with tradition by representing a recognizable everyday object instead of continuing with non-objective painting.

The rough-textured surface and the non-identical stars in the Flag painting add to its significance, as these unique features make it stand out from other paintings of its time. According to Johns, this particular artwork began his art career and helped establish his identity as an artist.

Flag was first exhibited in 1958, and it’s now located at MoMA in New York City, making it easily accessible to art enthusiasts around the world. The painting has become one of the most expensive paintings ever, reflecting its cultural value.

In summary, Jasper Johns’ Flag is an important artwork that represents a break from traditional non-objective paintings by depicting a recognizable object. Its rough-textured surface and uniqueness make it an exceptional piece, and its significance cannot be overstated. With its massive cultural following worldwide coupled with being highly rated among other masterpieces by critics/judges alike; creating another artwork close to Jasper’s ‘Flag’ would require a sheer stroke of genius – something any established artist could strive for!

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