Flood at Port-Marly (1876) by Alfred Sisley

Flood at Port-Marly - Alfred Sisley - 1876

Artwork Information

TitleFlood at Port-Marly
ArtistAlfred Sisley
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions50 x 61 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationThyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain

About Flood at Port-Marly

The artwork “Flood at Port-Marly” is an oil on canvas painting by Alfred Sisley, created in 1876. It exemplifies the Impressionist movement to which Sisley belonged, capturing a cityscape with a focus on the effects of light and atmosphere. The artwork measures 50 by 61 cm and is currently housed in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain.

The artwork illustrates a scene from the town of Port-Marly, which has been affected by a flood. Sisley has masterfully captured the reflections of the sky and surrounding architecture in the water that has risen to cover the street. The sky is conveyed in broad, sweeping brushstrokes of blue and white, hinting at a dynamic, changing weather pattern. The natural light appears to fluctuate across the scene, reflecting off the water and buildings with a sense of immediacy that is characteristic of Impressionist artwork.

On the left, the buildings loom over the street-turned-river, with a glimpse of daily life continuing despite the natural disruption. Figures are depicted engaging in conversation, and the presence of a boat suggests adaptation to the flooding conditions. On the right, a line of trees marks the boundary between the waterlogged street and the high ground, emphasizing the extent of the flood. Throughout the scene, there are hints of life and movement, providing a snapshot of resilience and adaptation in the face of environmental challenges. The artwork captures a moment in time with a palette that is both vivid and nuanced, conveying the transient effects of light and the impression of a fleeting moment.

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