Flood at Port-Marly (1876) by Alfred Sisley

Flood at Port-Marly - Alfred Sisley - 1876

Artwork Information

TitleFlood at Port-Marly
ArtistAlfred Sisley
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions50 x 61 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationThyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain
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About Flood at Port-Marly

The Flood at Port-Marly is a series of six paintings created by Alfred Sisley in 1876. Among them, the Flood at Port-Marly stands out as one of the most famous pieces of artwork by the artist. It depicts the violent flooding of the Seine river at Port-Marly; however, unlike typical paintings of natural disasters, Sisley deliberately avoided tragic or heartbreaking elements.

The canvas used muted tones of a wide spectrum of hues, applied in thin layers of supple brushstrokes. The result is a serene and harmonious scene, even amidst the violent floodwaters. Moreover, the Flood at Port-Marly is an impressionist work that was probably painted quickly on the scene, in one session.

In 1900, the painting was sold for 43,000 francs, nearly half of the total amount of money from the sale of all 27 of Sisley’s paintings the year before. The artwork showcases Sisley’s expertise in using light, color, and loose brushstrokes to create a captivating and harmonious impression of nature.

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