Floral still life with mirror (1927) by Max Beckmann

Floral still life with mirror - Max Beckmann - 1927

Artwork Information

TitleFloral still life with mirror
ArtistMax Beckmann
Art MovementExpressionism

About Floral still life with mirror

The artwork “Floral still life with mirror” created by Max Beckmann in 1927 is an exemplar of the Expressionist movement, specifically within the genre of still life. Beckmann’s piece conveys a vivid tableau of flowers and objects that resonate with the artist’s characteristic style, marked by emotional intensity and a dynamic application of color and form.

In this artwork, Beckmann presents a composition with a central vase of flowers brightly illuminated and contrasted against a dark background. The bouquet contains a variety of flowers, each rendered with thick, deliberate brushstrokes that give the petals and leaves a sense of texture and vibrancy. The surrounding objects and space are delineated with bold lines and shapes, exhibiting the Expressionists’ focus on subjective representation over realistic accuracy.

The mirror, mentioned in the title, reflects a portion of the scene, possibly including the silhouette of a window with light streaming through, adding depth and complexity to the spatial arrangement on the canvas. The interplay between shadow and light, along with the juxtaposition of muted and vibrant colors, creates an intriguing visual dialogue within the piece. The overall effect is one that emphasizes emotional response over a more traditional, representational depiction of the still life elements. Beckmann’s artwork invites contemplation and interpretation, characteristic of the underlying ethos of the Expressionist movement.

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