Follow the path (2018) by María Burgaz

Follow the path - María Burgaz - 2018

Artwork Information

TitleFollow the path
ArtistMaría Burgaz
MediumAcrylic, Collage on Wood
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About Follow the path

The artwork “Follow the path” by María Burgaz was created in 2018. This piece is an amalgamation of acrylic and collage on wood, with dimensions spanning 39×70.9 inches. Burgaz’s work is broadly categorized within the urban genre while reflecting a figurative art movement.

This vibrant composition is a visual kaleidoscope, bustling with colors, text, and imagery that suggest a bustling urban environment enriched by a diversity of experiences and influences. Across the artwork, there is a dynamic interplay between organic forms, such as leaves and flowers, and human-made elements like typographic designs and figurative photographs. The presence of textual elements throughout the artwork—such as the phrases “FOLLOW THE PATH,” “That’s exactly…,” and “RIGHT”—adds layers of meaning and prompts reflection on the guidance and directions we encounter in our lives.

The use of collage creates a sense of depth and texture, with various papers and photographs interspersed amidst the painted surface, creating a multidimensional experience for the viewer. The figurative elements, seen through the faces and figures included in the collage, provide points of human connection within the abstracted urban tapestry. The layering technique, a characteristic feature of collage art, is evident, allowing for an intricate narrative to unfold as one examines the piece closely.

Overall, “Follow the path” is a rich tapestry of urban life and vibrant expression, capturing the viewer’s attention through its complex assembly of forms, colors, and textures that together create a thought-provoking and energetic visual statement.

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