Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina (1929) by Edward Hopper

Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina - Edward Hopper - 1929

Artwork Information

TitleFolly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism

About Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina

The artwork entitled “Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina” was rendered by the illustrious artist Edward Hopper in the year 1929. This piece is a quintessential representation of the New Realism art movement and is categorized within the landscape genre. The artwork captures the serene and natural beauty of Folly Beach with a discerning eye for light and shadow, embodying Hopper’s keen ability to convey the essence of American landscapes.

The artwork presents a scenic view of Folly Beach, with the composition dominated by the interplay of light and dark hues, creating a contrast reminiscent of the interstitial time between dawn and full daylight. Tall palm trees and other verdant vegetation are depicted with a degree of simplification, emphasizing their forms against the sky. The bold strokes and a limited palette imbue the scene with a sense of warmth, despite the cool shadows, suggesting the unique light of a coastal environment. The artwork’s perspective places the viewer amidst the landscape, inviting an immersive experience within this tranquil South Carolinian setting. Hopper’s masterful handling of paint reveals not only the physical attributes of the location but also hints at the intangible qualities of solitude and quietude that are often associated with his oeuvre.

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