For the Fallen (1955-56) by Mordecai Ardon

For the Fallen - Mordecai Ardon - 1955-56

Artwork Information

TitleFor the Fallen
ArtistMordecai Ardon
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions150 x 130 cm
Current LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
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About For the Fallen

Mordecai Ardon, a Galician-born Israeli painter, created “For the Fallen” in 1955-56. The painting is a triptych that features symbolic imagery derived from Jewish mysticism, the Bible, and real-life tangibles. Ardon’s penchant for combining jewel-like, brightly colored forms with expert brushwork is evident in this work. “For the Fallen” includes three panels, with the right-hand panel titled “The Unborn.”

One of Ardon’s most well-known works, “Sarah,” is a representation of the biblical matriarch in a mystical and abstract manner. Ardon’s works, on the other hand, have sold for between $12 and $821,000 at auction. In “For the Fallen,” the artist employs a range of artistic techniques and styles to convey his message. The piece is a narrative of loss and tragedy, told through a rich visual vocabulary that includes elements of nature and the universe.

Ardon’s decision to title one of the triptych’s panels “The Unborn” reflects the artist’s propensity for exploring existential themes or questions, such as life, death, and mortality. His works are often considered mystical and symbolic, allowing viewers to connect with his unique vision of the world.

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