Forest (c. 1940) by Emily Carr

Forest - Emily Carr - c. 1940

Artwork Information

ArtistEmily Carr
Datec. 1940
MediumOil on paper
Dimensions91 x 59.5 cm
Current LocationMcMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinberg, Ontario

About Forest

Emily Carr was a prominent Canadian artist known for her depiction of the Western Canadian landscape and its indigenous inhabitants. In the 1930s, she began creating forest paintings that are particularly rich in color and texture. Her art showcases young pine trees aspiring tall but fragile, clearings in the forest, and the silvery light of dawn.

Carr’s forest scenes suggest a reverence for nature while showcasing her technical mastery of painting. The works depict not only the physical beauty of trees but also their emotional impact on viewers. The brushstrokes used to create these pieces capture the movement of wind blowing through trees and illuminate the sunlight filtered through forest canopies.

Despite being born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1871, it wasn’t until late in life that Carr was recognized for her contributions to modernist post-impressionism style. Her work is celebrated by many museums around Canada with notable mention at Vancouver Art Gallery where most of her works including those about forests are exhibited.

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