Fragment of the Royal Annals – Egyptian Art

Fragment of the Royal Annals - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleFragment of the Royal Annals
ArtistEgyptian Art
Dimensions8.5 cm
Current LocationPetrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London

About Fragment of the Royal Annals

The Royal Annals of Old Kingdom Egypt are historical inscriptions on compact black stones, possibly basalt. The most renowned fragment is the Palermo Stone which was discovered in 1866. Five of the seven original fragments are kept in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Palermo Stone documents significant events in early Egyptian history, while other fragments record the reigns of early kings on a reign-by-reign basis.

Recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired a memorial stela that is inscribed for Kemes. These inscriptions have been scrutinized and studied over the past century, attracting the interest of historians and art lovers alike. The Royal Annals offer a valuable historical perspective of Egypt’s early dynasties, providing insight into the political, cultural, and social developments of the time.

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