Francisca Sabasa y Garcia (1804 – 1808) by Francisco Goya

Francisca Sabasa y Garcia - Francisco Goya - 1804 - 1808

Artwork Information

TitleFrancisca Sabasa y Garcia
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Date1804 - 1808
Dimensions71 x 58 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Francisca Sabasa y Garcia

The artwork “Francisca Sabasa y Garcia” is a masterful oil on canvas portrait by the renowned artist Francisco Goya, created between 1804 and 1808. Exhibiting the Romanticism art movement, this piece measures 71 by 58 centimeters. It is a genre of portrait which captures the likeness and essence of the subject with artistic sensitivity and skill.

The artwork portrays a young woman gazing directly at the viewer with a soft yet penetrating look that suggests an air of quiet confidence. She has curly brown hair that frames her delicate face, accentuated by the elegant lace veil that drapes over her head. Her complexion is rendered with a naturalistic and subtle palette, showcasing Goya’s deft handling of light and shadow to create volume and expressiveness.

The subject is clothed in a brown garment with folds that convey the texture and weight of the fabric, hinting at the status or fashion of the era. There is a striking contrast between the rich earth tones of her dress and the muted white of the garment visible beneath, as well as with the dark, neutral background that further emphasizes her presence. The precise brushstrokes in her attire and the soft rendering of her facial features illustrate Goya’s versatile technique. The artwork captures the introspective nature of the Romantic movement, focusing on individual expression and emotion, which is evident in the subject’s contemplative gaze and tranquil demeanor.

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