Franciscan Rule Approved (c. 1288-1292) by Giotto

Franciscan Rule Approved - Giotto - c. 1288-1292

Artwork Information

TitleFranciscan Rule Approved
Datec. 1288-1292
Current LocationUpper Basilica of San Francesco, Assisi

About Franciscan Rule Approved

Giotto was a prominent Italian Renaissance painter known for his naturalistic style and emotional portrayals of his subjects. One of his famous works is “The Approval of the Franciscan Rule,” which depicts Pope Innocent III affirming the rule of the new Franciscan community. The painting was part of a cycle of frescoes in a chapel devoted to the life of Christ.

“The Approval of the Franciscan Rule” stands out among Giotto’s other works for its ability to invite viewers into the scene by creating real human faces and emotions. This painting showcases Giotto’s naturalism techniques, which he pioneered during the Renaissance era. Interestingly, Giotto’s lifespan and personal details remain mostly unknown despite being one of history’s most prominent painters.

Giotto’s masterpiece painting has been recreated in a virtual environment by the National Research Council, reinforcing its cultural significance. Beyond its artistic value, “The Approval of the Franciscan Rule” remains an essential piece that offers insight into religious and social history—detailing how Pope Innocent III affirmed Saint Francis’ vow to live in poverty as they sought to reform Christianity. Despite this work not receiving as much attention as some others; artists today hold it in high regard due to its various unique charms—one other work being “Saint Francis Receiving Stigmata.”

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