Francisco de Cabarrus (1788) by Francisco Goya

Francisco de Cabarrus - Francisco Goya - 1788

Artwork Information

TitleFrancisco de Cabarrus
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions210 x 127 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Francisco de Cabarrus

The artwork titled “Francisco de Cabarrus” was created by the renowned artist Francisco Goya in 1788. It is an oil painting on canvas that measures 210 by 127 centimeters. Reflecting the Romanticism art movement, this piece falls under the genre of portraiture and is currently held in a private collection.

The artwork depicts a man standing in a poised, yet relaxed pose, facing the viewer. His right arm extends slightly to the side with his hand hanging naturally, while his left hand is tucked into his waist. He is dressed in an elegant and opulent costume that befits his status, consisting of a pale, olive-green suit with intricate detailing and decorations, such as buttons and frilled accessories on his cuffs and chest. His knee-length breeches and the white hose show the fashion of the period.

The man’s face bears a calm and self-assured expression, with his gaze directed straight at the observer. He wears a powdered wig, which was a common fashion among men of his standing during that period. The artist has employed a palette that focuses on a muted range of colors for the costume, with highlights that draw attention to the decorative elements of the attire.

The background against which the figure stands is notably plain and dark. This simplistic backdrop serves to accentuate the subject and his clothing and may also be indicative of the Romanticism movement’s emphasis on individualism. The combination of the detailed rendering of the individual and the minimalistic environment highlights the status and character of the subject. Overall, the portrait is a representation not simply of the person’s physical appearance, but also of his social position and the cultural aspects of the era in which he lived.

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