Frederick The Wise, Elector Of Saxony (1524) by Albrecht Durer

Frederick The Wise, Elector Of Saxony - Albrecht Durer - 1524

Artwork Information

TitleFrederick The Wise, Elector Of Saxony
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Frederick The Wise, Elector Of Saxony

The artwork “Frederick The Wise, Elector Of Saxony” is an engraving by Albrecht Dürer, dated 1524. This piece is a prominent example of the Northern Renaissance movement and is categorized as a portrait genre. Currently, the piece is held within a private collection.

The engraving presents a detailed representation of Frederick the Wise, who appears with a distinctive, expressive face, notable for its deep-set eyes, furrowed brow, and full beard consisting of tight curls. He is adorned with a large fur collar that suggests his status and wealth. Atop his head, he wears a soft, floppy hat, which was fashionable at the time. Even though the portrait is in black and white, the engraving technique used by Dürer allows for a rich range of tones that give depth and life to Frederick’s visage. In the background, you can observe a coat of arms, which likely signifies Frederick’s noble status and identity.

The inscription at the bottom provides additional context, likely referring to Frederick’s title and Dürer’s authorship of the piece. The piece is meticulously crafted, demonstrating Dürer’s mastery in capturing human features with intricate detail, a hallmark of his engraving technique. The precise linework and careful shading underscore both the subject’s authority and the artist’s skill in rendering human likeness. Overall, the artwork is a testament to Dürer’s significant role in portraiture during the Northern Renaissance.

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