Free Fall (1988-91) by Sidney Goodman

Free Fall - Sidney Goodman - 1988-91

Artwork Information

TitleFree Fall
ArtistSidney Goodman
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions102 x 210 in (259.1 x 533.4 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Free Fall

Sidney Goodman was an American figurative painter who explored the human form through his art. One of his most notable paintings is Free Fall, which he created between 1988-91. This piece is a striking portrayal of a figure in mid-air, seemingly falling through space.

Goodman’s use of bold colors and strong lines creates a sense of movement and drama in Free Fall. The figure’s twisted pose adds to the tension and uncertainty of the scene. Goodman believed that art was not sharply distinguished, in goals and means, from science and ordinary experience, which may explain why this painting feels almost scientific in its precision.

Free Fall is just one example of Goodman’s impressive body of work, which received public notice in the early 1960s for his oil paintings. In 1996, the Philadelphia Museum of Art presented a retrospective show of Goodman’s paintings and drawings, highlighting his contributions to contemporary art. He also served as a professor at Philadelphia College of Art from 1960 until 1979 before joining the faculty of the Pennsylvania Academy.

Overall, Free Fall showcases Sidney Goodman’s masterful technique for capturing movement and emotion through the human form. It continues to be admired as one of his finest works today.

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