Freedom from Fear (1943) by Norman Rockwell

Freedom from Fear - Norman Rockwell - 1943

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TitleFreedom from Fear
ArtistNorman Rockwell
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions45 3/4 x 35 1/2 in.
Art MovementRegionalism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Freedom from Fear

Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Fear” is a powerful portrayal of the anxieties and uncertainties experienced by families during WWII. The painting depicts a father, mother, and their children huddled together in bed, with the parents’ worried expressions conveying the dangers that surrounded them. The piece emphasizes the importance of protecting future generations from war-related instability.

Rockwell created this work as part of his Four Freedoms series in 1943, inspired by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vision of universal rights for all citizens. “Freedom from Fear” represents one of these freedoms, underscoring America’s role in defeating tyrannical forces and preserving domestic tranquility.

The artwork was immensely successful in motivating Americans to support their troops and contribute to the war effort. It became the centerpiece of an extensive War Bond campaign that raised over $132 million – more than two billion dollars today – making it the most prosperous fundraising drive in U.S. history.

Today, “Freedom from Fear” remains on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, reminding visitors not only of its historical significance but also its lasting message about the need for a peaceful world free from fear.”

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