Frontispiece for Venus and Tannhauser (1895) by Aubrey Beardsley

Frontispiece for Venus and Tannhauser - Aubrey Beardsley - 1895

Artwork Information

TitleFrontispiece for Venus and Tannhauser
ArtistAubrey Beardsley
Dimensions17.8 x 21.9 cm
Art MovementArt Nouveau
Current LocationHiggins Art Gallery, Bedford, UK
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About Frontispiece for Venus and Tannhauser

Aubrey Beardsley’s Frontispiece for “Venus and Tannhauser” is a pen and ink design that was created in 1895 in the Art Nouveau style. The design features Aphrodite/Venus dressed in Victorian fashion, which is typical of Beardsley’s fascination with the mixing of styles from different eras. The design served as the frontispiece to Beardsley’s novel, “The Story of Venus and Tannhäuser: A Romantic Novel,” which he wrote and illustrated himself.

The original artwork can be found at the Higgins Art Gallery in Bedford, UK. The artwork is a fine example of Art Nouveau style, known for its intricate designs featuring flowing lines and curves. It shows Beardsley’s obsession with the Tannhaüser legend, typically associated with Wagner’s work.

As an illustrator during his time period, Aubrey Beardsley became well known for his distinctive style especially noticed on this piece due to his esoteric symbolism such as bat wings symbolizes sexual power . This has made him an inspiration to many artists who came after him. Today the artwork can be found in prints and other products all over the world.

Overall, Aubrey Beardsley’s Frontispiece for “Venus and Tannhauser” stands out not only due to its beautiful imagery but also because it showcases Art Nouveau brilliantly while portraying his fascination with classical myths from various point of views that give rise to discussions surrounding mythology art today .

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