Fruit Dish and Carafe (1914) by Juan Gris

Fruit Dish and Carafe - Juan Gris - 1914

Artwork Information

TitleFruit Dish and Carafe
ArtistJuan Gris
MediumOil, papier colle and charcoal on Canvas
Dimensions92 x 65 cm
Current LocationRijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo

About Fruit Dish and Carafe

Fruit Dish and Carafe is a collage artwork created by Juan Gris in 1914. The piece is almost entirely covered with cut and pasted paper, a technique known as papier collé. Gris utilized various materials such as faux bois wallpaper and faux marbre to create the Carafe, which is a prominent object in the composition. Gris experimented with collage after being inspired by the works of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in 1913.

Juan Gris is considered one of the four major figures in Cubism and his highly intellectual approach to his work established him as the greatest theorist among the Cubist painters. Fruit Dish and Carafe is a perfect example of how Gris’ analytical mind informed his artistic practice. The composition is carefully constructed with superimposed materials that overlap to create a harmonious, unified texture. The artwork also incorporates vibrant colors and various shapes which work together to create a playful, yet balanced image.

Fruit Dish and Carafe showcases Juan Gris’ talent for creating visually pleasing compositions through the use of collage. The piece exemplifies the Cubist style’s ability to break down objects into geometric shapes, flatten the image and reassemble the pieces into a cohesive artwork. The use of everyday objects in the composition, such as the carafe and fruit dish, also reflect the Cubist art’s subject matter theme, which was to depict the real world in a more abstract way. Fruit Dish and Carafe is a testament to Juan Gris’ unique ability to synthesize various elements to create a beautiful, thought-provoking artwork.

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