Funnel of Trawler (1924) by Edward Hopper

Funnel of Trawler - Edward Hopper - 1924

Artwork Information

TitleFunnel of Trawler
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism

About Funnel of Trawler

The artwork titled “Funnel of Trawler,” created by artist Edward Hopper in 1924, is an oil on canvas painting that belongs to the art movement known as New Realism. This piece falls within the genre of marina and depicts maritime subjects true to Hopper’s style that often focuses on realism and evokes a sense of solitude and contemplative silence.

In the artwork, one observes a scene dominated by the imposing form of a funnel aboard a trawler, giving the composition a robust, almost architectural quality. Hopper skillfully plays with light and shadow, creating a stark contrast that brings depth to the industrial subject. The color palette is restrained yet effective, with muted tones that convey the gritty, authentic atmosphere of a working trawler. Hopper’s focus on the funnel and the surrounding rigging captures the essence of the vessel’s power and function, bypassing romanticization in favor of a straightforward, unembellished portrayal. The geometric shapes and the sharp angles suggest the sturdiness of the trawler’s machinery, while the careful arrangement of forms speaks to Hopper’s controlled and deliberate compositional style. The artwork is devoid of human presence, which is characteristic of many of Hopper’s depictions, where the focus is placed on the interaction between manmade structures and their environment. Overall, “Funnel of Trawler” is a testament to Hopper’s ability to find beauty and interest in the mundane, capturing a moment in time with meticulous detail and subtle emotion.

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