Gaspe – Pink Sky (1940) by Milton Avery

Gaspe - Pink Sky - Milton Avery - 1940

Artwork Information

TitleGaspe - Pink Sky
ArtistMilton Avery
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions32 x 44 in.
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationCollection of Mr and Mrs Samuel Lindenbaum, New York
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About Gaspe - Pink Sky

Gaspe Pink Sky is a landscape painting by Milton Avery, created in 1940. Avery’s style can be described as a blend of Expressionism and Fauvism, characterized by his use of bold colors and abstracted forms, which distinguishes him from traditional painters. Avery’s work has often been compared to that of Matisse, and his innovative use of color and drawing make him a singular artist in American Modernism.

Gaspe Pink Sky, a part of Avery’s larger collection of 44 works, is a notable artwork for its poetic, bold, and creative use of color and shape in depicting Avery’s distinct vision of the American landscape. The painting has undergone “pixelized” color analysis and can be reproduced as an oil painting. Other pieces in Avery’s collection include Artist’s Wife (1930) and Checker Players (1943).

Gaspe Pink Sky was shown at the William Benton Museum of Art in Storrs, Connecticut in 1976. This painting, like others in Avery’s oeuvre, is a study of color, shape, and form, with the artist’s creative and poetic vision of the American scene on full display.

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