Geinrust Farm with Isolated Tree (1905 – 1906) by Piet Mondrian

Geinrust Farm with Isolated Tree - Piet Mondrian - 1905 - 1906

Artwork Information

TitleGeinrust Farm with Isolated Tree
ArtistPiet Mondrian
Date1905 - 1906
Dimensions47.2 x 63.5 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Geinrust Farm with Isolated Tree

The artwork titled “Geinrust Farm with Isolated Tree” was created by the artist Piet Mondrian between 1905 and 1906. It is an oil on canvas piece and measures 47.2 by 63.5 centimeters. This work is part of the Impressionism art movement, and it represents the landscape genre. Currently, the painting is held in a private collection.

In this artwork, Mondrian captures a serene rural landscape marked by the presence of a distinguished solitary tree, highlighting his connection to nature that was prevalent in his early work. The composition blends naturalistic hues with impressionistic brushwork, creating a sense of light and atmosphere that is characteristic of the Impressionism movement. The sky is crisscrossed with delicate clouds, while the ground reflects the sky’s blue tones in its water features, amidst the varying green shades of the foliage. The balance and harmony of the scene evoke a timeless pastoral setting, demonstrating Mondrian’s initial artistic explorations before his well-known transition to abstract art.

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