Geometric Figure Duodecendron elevatus vacuus by Leonardo da Vinci

Geometric Figure Duodecendron elevatus vacuus - Leonardo da Vinci -

Artwork Information

TitleGeometric Figure Duodecendron elevatus vacuus
ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
Current LocationBiblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan
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About Geometric Figure Duodecendron elevatus vacuus

The famous painter and polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci, illustrated the book written by Luca Pacioli called De Devina Proportione. One of the illustrations in the book is Duodecendron Abscisus Vacuus, also known as Duodecendron Elevatus Vacuus. This particular illustration showcases a geometric figure made up of twelve square pyramid-shaped figures arranged in a circular pattern.

Leonardo da Vinci was not only interested in art but also mathematics and design. He blended all three disciplines into his work, including in his design for the Duodecendron Elevatus Vacuus. The intricate figure displays thoughtful attention to detail and symmetry, showcasing Leonardo’s brilliance in both math and art.

Additionally, Leonardo designed a 32-mile waterway linking Milan and Lake Como that featured an innovative vertical-lift lock system he invented himself. Moreover, he designed a double-helix central staircase found within Milan’s Chateau d’Amboise that illustrates his interest in geometry relating to architecture.

Overall, this shows how well-rounded Leonardo Da Vinci was as an artist and designer with keen interests beyond just painting or drawing. The geometric intricacies of the Duodecendron Elevatus Vacuus portray how much value he placed on mathematics as it reflects his intellectual curiosity.

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