Gertie – Cow (2023) by Jos Coufreur

Gertie - Cow - Jos Coufreur - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleGertie - Cow
ArtistJos Coufreur
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
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About Gertie - Cow

The artwork titled “Gertie” is a creation of artist Jos Coufreur from the year 2023. This artwork is an acrylic on canvas piece with dimensions of 28.3×22 inches. The piece represents the animals genre within the pop art movement.

The artwork features a close-up depiction of a cow’s face, executed with vibrant and textured brushstrokes that give the canvas a dynamic and almost tactile quality. The background is rendered in a soothing, solid teal color that complements and contrasts with the array of vivid colors used on the cow. The cow’s gaze is engaging, with emphasis on its expressive eyes, which are painted in a way that captures a sense of life and personality.

In “Gertie,” Coufreur employs a palette that includes purples, blues, yellows, and whites, alongside the browns traditionally associated with cows, suggesting the influence of the pop art movement’s characteristic use of bold colors. Each brushstroke is distinct and intentional, contributing to the overall impression of a deconstructed yet recognizable form of an animal, lending the artwork both a playfulness and depth. The signature of Jos Coufreur is prominently displayed on the lower left, anchoring the piece with the artist’s identity.

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