Get away from me, Satan (c.1860) by Ilya Repin

Get away from me, Satan - Ilya Repin - c.1860

Artwork Information

TitleGet away from me, Satan
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Get away from me, Satan

The artwork “Get away from me, Satan” by Ilya Repin, created around 1860, represents a piece from the Realism movement, specifically categorized under religious painting. Repin, known for his realist works, here conveys a thematically religious narrative infused with dramatic intensity and emotional depth, emblematic of the genre.

The artwork depicts a profound and intense scene wherein two figures are engaged in what appears to be a spiritual conflict or confrontation. To the left, an ethereal, illuminated figure stands composed and with a serene yet firm expression. This figure, bathed in light, seems to embody purity and divine resilience. In stark contrast, to the right, a dark, malevolent entity looms over, shrouded in shadows and bearing the hallmarks of a demonic form, seemingly recoiling from the light emanating from the figure on the left.

The use of stark contrasts between light and shadow is palpably evident, and serves as a metaphor for the eternal struggle between good and evil. These elements, when combined, create a powerful visual narrative that transcends the simple depiction of figures, inviting viewers to contemplate the moral and spiritual dimensions encapsulated in the artwork. The dynamic use of color and the expressive brushstrokes further intensify the dramatic tension present in the scene.

Repin’s application of Realist techniques can be seen in his attempt to portray the figures with lifelike textures and relatable expressions, anchoring the supernatural encounter in a familiar human experience. Despite the religious undertones, the painting resonates with the emotional realities of the human condition, reflecting the Realist ambition to render subjects truthfully, without idealization.

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