Girl at Mirror (1954) by Norman Rockwell

Girl at Mirror - Norman Rockwell - 1954

Artwork Information

TitleGirl at Mirror
ArtistNorman Rockwell
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions31 1/2 x 29 1/2 in.
Art MovementRegionalism
Current LocationThe Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge

About Girl at Mirror

The artwork titled “Girl at Mirror” is an oil on canvas painting by the celebrated American artist Norman Rockwell, created in the year 1954. This work is a fine example of the genre painting within the art movement known as Regionalism, encapsulating an intimate, narrative moment. Its dimensions are 31 1/2 by 29 1/2 inches, and it can be viewed at The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge.

The artwork tenderly depicts a young girl seated before a large mirror, clutching her chin in contemplation as she examines her reflection. The viewer is privy to both the subject’s profile and her reflection, enhancing the introspective nature of the scene. Beside her, a discarded doll lies forgotten on the floor, symbolizing a transition from childhood; meanwhile, a representation of a glamorous movie star can be discerned in a magazine atop the seat, suggesting the girl’s curiosity or aspiration towards adulthood and the complexities involved in self-image and identity. On the floor next to the doll are a hairbrush, a comb, and an open cosmetics case, elements that further suggest the theme of growing up and self-discovery. The composition is executed with Rockwell’s adept realism, engaging audience empathy through its relatable and poignant narrative.

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