Girl on a White Dress (II) (1941) by Henri Matisse

Girl on a White Dress (II) - Henri Matisse - 1941

Artwork Information

TitleGirl on a White Dress (II)
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementFauvism

About Girl on a White Dress (II)

The artwork “Girl on a White Dress (II)” by Henri Matisse, created in 1941, is a representation of the Fauvism art movement and falls under the genre painting category. Fauvism is characterized by the use of strong colors and bold brushwork, and Matisse is one of the pioneers of this movement. This particular work portrays a casual domestic scene, capturing the essence of every day in a manner that juxtaposes simplicity with expressive color and form.

The artwork depicts a seated female figure in a flowing white dress, her posture relaxed and her back turned toward the viewer, suggesting a moment of repose or contemplation. She is posed beside a round table, upon which sits a bowl containing what appears to be fruit, indicating a domestic setting. Adjacent to her, there is a vibrant red-orange chair that stands empty, its color striking against the cooler backdrop. The background features patches of blue and green that may represent foliage, creating a contrast with the warm tones of the foreground. Matisse’s recognizable style is evident through the painting’s loose brushwork and the non-naturalistic, yet harmonious use of color, creating an atmosphere rather than a detailed literal representation. Overall, “Girl on a White Dress (II)” embodies the emotional intensity and painterly freedom that are hallmarks of Fauvism.

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