Girl Washing Plates (c. 1882) by Camille Pissarro

Girl Washing Plates - Camille Pissarro - c. 1882

Artwork Information

TitleGirl Washing Plates
ArtistCamille Pissarro
Datec. 1882
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions33 1/4 x 25 5/8 in (85 x 65.7 cm)
Current LocationFitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England
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About Girl Washing Plates

Camille Pissarro’s “Young Woman Washing Plates” is an oil painting on canvas that depicts a young woman carrying out the mundane task of washing plates indoors. Created in 1882, this genre painting is an example of Impressionism, a style characterized by visible brushstrokes and light, atmospheric effects. Pissarro was one of the leading figures in the Impressionist movement and was the only artist to exhibit his work in all eight Impressionist group exhibitions.

The painting captures an intimate moment of everyday life, conveying a sense of domesticity and simplicity. The muted colors and loose brushwork give the scene a softness and tranquility while offering insight into both rural French peasant life at the time, as well as Pissarro’s interest in alternative forums for exhibiting art beyond traditional salons.

Today, “Young Woman Washing Plates” can be viewed at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The piece remains significant for its demonstration of Pissarro’s focus on capturing modern-day existence through unremarkable activities rather than grandiose scenes, his participation in exhibitions outside traditional salons and his role as one of the key figures in impressionism during his time.

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