Girl with a red cap (1866) by Albrecht Anker

Girl with a red cap - Albrecht Anker - 1866

Artwork Information

TitleGirl with a red cap
ArtistAlbrecht Anker
Art MovementRealism

About Girl with a red cap

The artwork titled “Girl with a red cap” is a creation by the artist Albrecht Anker, completed in the year 1866. This piece embodies the Realism art movement and is categorized as a portrait. The artwork is a meticulous representation of a young girl adorned with a red cap, which is accentuated against the dark background. The cap also features delicate linings of lace or frills that neatly border the facial contours of the girl.

The girl’s expression is calm and thoughtful. Her gaze does not confront the viewer directly but appears to be fixed on a distant point, suggesting introspection or contemplation. The artist captures the innocence of childhood coupled with a sense of maturity that belies the subject’s young age. The subdued earth tones of her clothing contrast with the vibrant red of her cap, which becomes the focal point of the composition.

Anker’s talent in realism is evident in the way he captures the textures of the fabric, the softness of the young girl’s skin, and the nuanced lighting that gives the portrait depth and volume. The brushstrokes are smooth, blending the colors together in a way that gives the subject a lifelike presence. Through this artwork, Anker successfully conveys a moment of stillness and the serene beauty of his subject, characteristic of his style and the Realist movement he belonged to.

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