Girl with a red cap (1866) by Albrecht Anker

Girl with a red cap - Albrecht Anker - 1866

Artwork Information

TitleGirl with a red cap
ArtistAlbrecht Anker
Art MovementRealism
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About Girl with a red cap

The artwork titled “Girl with a Red Cap” was created by Albrecht Anker in 1866. It is a portrait that exemplifies the Realism art movement, reflecting a true-to-life representation without idealization.

In the painting, one can observe the detailed portrayal of a young girl depicted in profile. She is wearing a red cap with a scalloped white border that frames her face. The somber background contrasts with the warmer tones of her cap and the earthy hues of her clothing, focusing attention on her expression. The girl’s gaze is directed off to the side, giving her an introspective and perhaps wistful demeanor. The meticulous brushwork captures the textures of the fabrics and the softness of the child’s skin. The artist’s skill in rendering the subtle interplay of light and shadow on her features contributes to the profound sense of realism that was sought after by artists of the period.

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