Girl with Black Eye (1953) by Norman Rockwell

Girl with Black Eye - Norman Rockwell - 1953

Artwork Information

TitleGirl with Black Eye
ArtistNorman Rockwell
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions34 x 30 in.
Current LocationWadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut

About Girl with Black Eye

Girl With Black Eye (The Shiner) is a painting by Norman Rockwell, created in 1953. The artwork is featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, and is considered a classic and a favorite of Rockwell collectors. The painting measures 76x86cm and is an example of American Realism that portrays a little girl who appears tough and confident, with a black eye, confronting a nervous school principal.

The painting has no official description, but it is owned by a prestigious North Carolina collection. The principal’s facial expression in the painting is notable and adds to the narrative of the artwork, which captures the young girl’s assertiveness in the face of authority. The artwork, an oil on canvas, has been featured in various prints and merchandise, and has been auctioned in the past.

Overall, Girl With Black Eye is an excellent example of Rockwell’s mastery of Realism. It has become an iconic image that depicts a girl standing up for herself, despite being physically hurt. The painting’s popularity, even after almost seventy years since its creation, attests to the power of art that transcends generations and remains relevant today.

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