Girl with Falcon (1882) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Girl with Falcon - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1882

Artwork Information

TitleGirl with Falcon
ArtistPierre-Auguste Renoir
Dimensions78.2 x 126.5 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationClark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, US

About Girl with Falcon

The artwork “Girl with Falcon” is an oil on canvas painting by the esteemed artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, created in the year 1882. It exemplifies the Impressionist movement with its loose brushwork and interplay of light and color. The dimensions of this portrait are 78.2 by 126.5 cm and it is currently housed at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA, USA.

In this artwork, Renoir depicts a young girl interacting with a falcon. The scene embodies the spontaneity and fleeting effects of light characteristic of Impressionist art. The child’s attire suggests a playfulness or perhaps a role in a performance, as she is dressed in an ornate, exotic costume with intricate patterns and a sash of vibrant red. Her facial expression is one of gentle concentration, indicative of her engagement with the falcon perched on her arm. Her hat is adorned with a flower, which, along with her bracelets, adds to the decorative quality of the scene.

The brushwork is free and lively, capturing the texture of the girl’s dress and the luminescence of her skin. The colors are vivid yet harmonious, creating a sense of warmth and depth within the composition. The presence of the falcon introduces an element of the exotic and speaks to the themes of human interaction with nature, a subject often explored in the genre of portraiture.

In summary, Renoir’s “Girl with Falcon” is a rich example of Impressionism where the fleeting impression of a moment is captured through vibrant color and dynamic brushstrokes, and it stands as a testament to the artist’s skill in evoking the sensibilities of his time.

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