Girl with Guitar (1967) by Aaron Shikler

Girl with Guitar - Aaron Shikler - 1967

Artwork Information

TitleGirl with Guitar
ArtistAaron Shikler
MediumPastel on Board
Dimensions61 cm x 76.2 cm
Art MovementNew Realism

About Girl with Guitar

The artwork titled “Girl with Guitar” is a creation by artist Aaron Shikler from the year 1967. Rendered in pastel on board, this piece is a testament to Shikler’s engagement with the New Realism art movement, and it measures 61 cm by 76.2 cm. As a portrait that also fits into the genre painting category, it offers a thoughtful representation of its subject.

“Girl with Guitar” depicts a young female figure engrossed in the act of playing a guitar. The instrument, an essential component of the composition, is depicted with careful attention to detail, emphasizing its form and the way it is cradled by the girl. The girl’s attire, possibly a dress, is depicted in rich yellows and adorned with splashes of red, lending a warm, vibrant quality to the overall muted color palette. The folds of the fabric are rendered with a softness that suggests the texture of the material and adds depth to the visual experience.

The girl’s expression is one of focused attention, and her downcast eyes, directed toward the guitar, suggest a moment of private contemplation or deep engagement with the music. This portrayal captures a sense of intimacy and quietude, characteristic of Shikler’s nuanced approach to portraiture. The background is subdued, employing a neutral tone that shifts the viewer’s focus firmly to the figure and her interaction with the guitar. Through the application of pastel, the artist achieves a delicacy and a sense of immediacy that is palpable to the viewer.

Overall, the artwork conveys a sense of timeless serenity and the universal joy of music, harmonizing the technical finesse of Shikler’s medium with the emotive force of the subject matter.

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