Girl with Ice Cream Cone (1963) by Wayne Thiebaud

Girl with Ice Cream Cone - Wayne Thiebaud - 1963

Artwork Information

TitleGirl with Ice Cream Cone
ArtistWayne Thiebaud
Dimensions122.2 x 92.1 cm
Art MovementPop Art
Current LocationHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington
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About Girl with Ice Cream Cone

Wayne Thiebaud’s “Girl with Ice Cream Cone” is an oil on canvas painting created in 1963, associated with the Pop Art movement. The piece depicts a young girl holding an ice cream cone in her hand, and it is part of Thiebaud’s Ice Cream series. This series features commonplace objects such as pies, cakes, and ice cream cones.

Thiebaud’s skill as a draughtsman is evident in his artworks. He uses thick brushstrokes to create texture and depth, giving the viewer a sense of three-dimensionality. This particular painting measures 122.2 x 92.1 cm and was exhibited at the Recent Paintings by Wayne Thiebaud exhibition from March to April 1964.

The artwork has been displayed in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Hirshhorn Museum and UC Davis, both of which have pieces from the Ice Cream series. “Girl with Ice Cream Cone” embodies Thiebaud’s style of highlighting everyday objects to make them visually arresting while paying homage to their form and function.

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