Girls in Furs (Portrait of a woman) (c.1535 – 1537) by Titian

Girls in Furs (Portrait of a woman) - Titian - c.1535 - 1537

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TitleGirls in Furs (Portrait of a woman)
Datec.1535 - 1537
Dimensions95 x 63 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationKunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

About Girls in Furs (Portrait of a woman)

The artwork titled “Girls in Furs (Portrait of a woman)” was painted by the artist Titian, a prominent figure of the High Renaissance. This oil on canvas piece was created around the period of 1535 to 1537. Its dimensions are 95 by 63 centimeters. As a classic example of portraiture from this era, the artwork belongs to the genre of portrait and can be found at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

The artwork portrays a young woman in a three-quarter pose, gazing directly at the viewer. Her presence is poised and enigmatic, characteristic of Renaissance portraiture that seeks to capture the elegance and inner life of the sitter. She is adorned with jewelry, consisting of a pearled necklace and bracelet, pearl earrings, and a diadem or headpiece that holds her styled hair in place. She is dressed in a dark garment trimmed with golden embroidery and fur, which perhaps inspired the artwork’s title. Her bare shoulder adds a sense of sensuality to the piece, balancing the opulence of her attire with the softness of her skin. The fine details in her attire and accessories showcase Titian’s skillful handling of light and texture, lending a three-dimensional quality and sumptuousness to the depicted fabrics and gems. The artwork’s muted color palette, with its deep, rich tones set against a darker background, emphasizes the subject’s luminous complexion and contributes to the overall noble and introspective mood of the portrait.

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