Glimpsing you in every window (2023) by Francesca Borgo

Glimpsing you in every window - Francesca Borgo - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleGlimpsing you in every window
ArtistFrancesca Borgo
MediumAcrylic, Resin on Canvas

About Glimpsing you in every window

The artwork entitled “Glimpsing you in every window” is a creation by Francesca Borgo, dated 2023. Comprising acrylic and resin on canvas, the piece measures 53.1 by 39.4 inches and fits within the minimalist genre of landscape. Borgo’s work succinctly captures an essence of minimalism through its composition and form.

The artwork presents a series of softly undulating forms that conjure impressions of a hilly or dune-like landscape. Carefully layered shades of monochromatic grays and whites contribute to a sense of depth and dimensionality, allowing the viewer’s eye to traverse the crests and troughs of the terrain. The subtle use of light and shadow interspersed throughout the canvas creates a tranquil and contemplative atmosphere.

These abstract shapes could evoke a variety of natural elements such as rolling hills blanketed by snow, waves of sand in a desolate desert, or even the fluidity of gentle water ripples. Rather than depicting a literal landscape, the artwork seems to emphasize form, rhythm, and the interplay of light and shadow, hallmarks of the minimalist approach where complexity is distilled into simpler, refined expressions.

Borgo’s technique, which possibly includes layering and texturing the medium of resin, imparts a tactile quality to the artwork, inviting a sensory as well as visual engagement. The choice of a restrained color palette helps to maintain the minimalist integrity of the piece, focusing on the purity of form without the distraction of varied hues. The artwork, in its abstraction, becomes a versatile mirror to the observer’s imagination and a testament to the evocative power of minimalist landscape art.

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