Gloucester 16A (1944) by Aaron Siskind

Gloucester 16A - Aaron Siskind - 1944

Artwork Information

TitleGloucester 16A
ArtistAaron Siskind
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism
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About Gloucester 16A

Aaron Siskind’s Gloucester 16A is a famous gelatin silver print taken in 1944. The photograph depicts abstract shapes and textures through the use of close-up photography. It is known for its experimentation with the medium of photography, which was characteristic of Siskind’s style. This piece is part of the Harvard Art Museums collection and has been reviewed by curatorial staff, but records may be incomplete or revised. Siskind was renowned for his abstraction in photography, and this piece exemplifies his skillful manipulation of light, shadow, and form to create a striking composition. His other famous works include Jerome, Arizona and Feet 102. Gloucester 16A is notable for its unique approach to texture and shape as subject matter. The photograph has been sold at auctions and is part of the Signature Photographs collection. The artist’s auction performance and sales value can be tracked and compared through analysis. Overall, Gloucester 16A represents an iconic example of Aaron Siskind’s experimentation with abstraction in photography during the mid-twentieth century art scene. In summary, Gloucester 16A by Aaron Siskind is a gelatin silver print that showcases his signature style characterized by abstraction in photography. Its use of texture as subject matter highlights his exceptional ability to manipulate photographic elements to create striking black-and-white compositions. As part of multiple collections including Harvard Art Museums’ archive collection alongside previous ownership under Signature Photographs has shown its value in various markets throughout history.

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