Gloucester Mansion (1924) by Edward Hopper

Gloucester Mansion - Edward Hopper - 1924

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Artwork Information

TitleGloucester Mansion
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions34 x 69.9 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationMuseum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston, MA, US

About Gloucester Mansion

The artwork entitled “Gloucester Mansion” was crafted by the eminent artist Edward Hopper in the year 1924. This piece is executed in the medium of watercolor and belongs to the New Realism art movement, presenting a cityscape genre. The dimensions of the artwork measure 34 by 69.9 centimeters. Currently, it is housed in the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) situated in Boston, MA, United States.

The artwork portrays a collection of buildings which appear to be part of a residential neighborhood. The scene is dominated by an aged, weathered mansion that stands prominently in the center. The color palette is reflective of Hopper’s characteristic style, with a subdued and earthy range that conveys a quiet, introspective atmosphere. The architecture depicted showcases the wear of time, embodying a sense of history and endurance. The manner in which light and shadow are applied creates a palpable sense of depth and texture, underscoring the play of natural light upon the structures.

Foreground vegetation and a figure in a boat add elements of everyday life to the composition, grounding the mansion in its geographical and social context. The skies overhead are rendered with dynamic brushstrokes, suggesting a changing weather which complements the mood established by the architectural forms. Overall, the artwork provides the viewer with a glimpse into an unembellished moment of American life, captured with Hopper’s keen attention to detail and emotive use of color.

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