Go Down Death (1934) by Aaron Douglas

Go Down Death - Aaron Douglas - 1934

Artwork Information

TitleGo Down Death
ArtistAaron Douglas
Art MovementArt Deco, Synthetic Cubism, Harlem Renaissance

About Go Down Death

The artwork “Go Down Death,” created by Aaron Douglas in 1934, is an oil painting that intertwines elements of Art Deco, Synthetic Cubism, and the Harlem Renaissance. Classified as a history painting, this piece is a representation of themes and styles that were prominent during the time of its creation, reflecting the cultural and artistic milieu associated with these movements.

The artwork is characterized by its stylized forms and a muted color palette that underscore the somber and reflective nature of the subject matter. The composition appears to depict abstracted figures and celestial elements, with a central figure that seems to be caught in a dynamic, yet ethereal movement. Angular shapes and the strategic use of overlapping forms create a sense of depth and dimension, while the distinct outlines and simplified color blocks are typical of the Cubist influence. The presence of stars suggests a transcendental or spiritual context, which is commonly explored in history paintings. The combination of these elements in “Go Down Death” culminates in a poignant visual narrative that encapsulates the artistic vigor and intellectual contemplation of the era in which Douglas was working.

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