Going West (1934 – 1935) by Jackson Pollock

Going West - Jackson Pollock - 1934 - 1935

Artwork Information

TitleGoing West
ArtistJackson Pollock
Date1934 - 1935
Dimensions38.3 x 52.7 cm
Art MovementExpressionism

About Going West

“Going West” is an artwork by Jackson Pollock, created in the period of 1934 – 1935. This piece is executed in oil on fiberboard and belongs to the Expressionism movement. The artwork measures 38.3 x 52.7 cm and falls within the figurative genre, diverging from Pollock’s later preference for abstract expressionism.

The artwork encapsulates the fierce dynamism and raw emotional intensity typical of the Expressionist movement. It depicts a scene filled with movement and tumultuous energy, embodied by a group of figures and animals in what appears to be a frenzied migration or quest towards the west. The use of dark hues and swirling forms immerses the viewer in a nocturnal landscape accented by a pale moon looming in the sky. Pollock’s application of paint is vigorous, with thickly layered, rich textures that give the scene a sense of depth and complexity. The portrayal of human and animal figures is contorted and stylized, underscoring the existential angst and emotive drive characteristic of Expressionism. Thiswork predates Pollock’s signature drip paintings, yet one can discern the gestural bravado and emphasis on the emotional resonance that would later define his work. Pollock’s “Going West” blends figurative narrative with expressive technique, capturing a raw and compelling vision of an archetypal journey.

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