Golden Gateway to the Yellowstone (1893) by Thomas Moran

Golden Gateway to the Yellowstone - Thomas Moran - 1893

Artwork Information

TitleGolden Gateway to the Yellowstone
ArtistThomas Moran
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions92.1 x 127.6 cm (36 1/4 x 50 1/4 in)
Current LocationBuffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming

About Golden Gateway to the Yellowstone

Thomas Moran’s Romanticism style painting, “Golden Gateway to the Yellowstone,” played a significant role in establishing Yellowstone National Park. Moran was a Hudson River School landscape painter who mainly focused on Rocky Mountains landscapes and Yellowstone National Park’s geologic features. His work depicted the park’s beauty with an aesthetic appreciation that captured its colorful hot springs, canyons, and geysers.

Moran painted “Golden Gateway to the Yellowstone” in 1893, displaying a spectacular view of a towering rock formation overlooking the Yellowstone River. This piece is currently showcased in the Smithsonian American Art Museum as one of Moran’s most prominent works. The painting captures and brings viewers into the scene through his skillful application of sunlight filtering through the rocks.

To this day, those interested in owning this masterpiece can order a hand-painted reproduction by a skilled artist. During production, artists use charcoal outlines before starting to paint on canvas from scratch. These reproductions are available framed or unframed and are guaranteed to resemble their original counterpart accurately.

Thomas Moran’s painting captured more than just an impressionistic view of nature but brought forward numerous conversations about preserving these American natural wonders as national parks for future generations’ enjoyment; such is exactly what he accomplished by emphasizing their importance with his stunning artistry skills depicting “Golden Gateway to the Yellowstone.”

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