Gone (2019) by David Gista

Gone - David Gista - 2019

Artwork Information

ArtistDavid Gista
MediumOil on Canvas

About Gone

The artwork titled “Gone,” created by artist David Gista in 2019, is executed in oil on canvas and spans the considerable dimensions of 63.8 by 51.2 inches. It is categorized as a genre painting and is associated with a semi-abstract art movement, reflecting an interplay between representational and abstract elements.

“Gone” presents a compelling visual landscape dominated by a stark contrast between vibrancy and void. The painting reveals a lone chair centered within a field of expressive brushstrokes and a dynamic color palette. Intense swaths of yellow and gold cascade from the top, suggesting an illumination that is simultaneously overwhelming and ephemeral. This brightness contends with zones of deep black and cool, shadowy purples, creating a sense of absence or disappearance, which is underscored by the work’s title.

The central object, the chair, serves as an anchor amidst the fluidity of the surrounding colors and forms. It is depicted in a manner that captures its solidity, yet the surrounding semi-abstract treatment seems to dissolve its context, leaving the viewer to ponder its purpose and the story behind its isolation. The interplay of light and dark, the firmness of the chair against the sweeping, uncertain environment, pulls the observer into a contemplative space, contemplating themes of presence and loss, permanence and transience.

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