Gran fandango y francachela de todas las calaveras (1900) by Jose Guadalupe Posada

Gran fandango y francachela de todas las calaveras - Jose Guadalupe Posada - 1900

Artwork Information

TitleGran fandango y francachela de todas las calaveras
ArtistJose Guadalupe Posada
MediumType metal engraving
Dimensions40 x 50 cm
Current LocationAsociación Cultural El Estanquillo

About Gran fandango y francachela de todas las calaveras

The artwork “Gran Fandango y Francachela de Todas Las Calaveras” by Jose Guadalupe Posada is from the year of 1877 and consists of an original black-and-white image with eight skeletons wearing hats and playing instruments together in a room. This artwork was printed on a news pamphlet announcing the new governmental administration under president Porfirio Diaz. Other than being a printer, Jose Guadalupe Posada was an engraver, lithographer, and illustrator which became well known for his calavera broadsides. Most of these calaveras were published in the printing shop, Tacubaya, operated by Vanegas Arroyo.

Jose Guadalupe Posada created many other artworks including one titled “Calaveras De Don Quijote” which also expresses the satire genre with its figure of Diego Quijada dreaming up another rebellion. His artwork has influenced Mexican printmaking since its creation and still stands today as an important symbol of culture and history. Calavera Of Don Quijote is one of Posada’s most iconic printmaker works due to it capturing something so unique yet understandable to common folk, making it very influential in both Mexico’s past and present generations.

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