Grand Hotel Semiramis (1950) by Joseph Cornell

Grand Hotel Semiramis - Joseph Cornell - 1950

Artwork Information

TitleGrand Hotel Semiramis
ArtistJoseph Cornell
Dimensions18 x 11 7/8 x 4 in
Art MovementSurrealism
Current LocationPrivate Collection, New York
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About Grand Hotel Semiramis

Joseph Cornell, an American artist and pioneer of assemblage in 1950, created a box construction artwork called “Grand Hotel Semiramis.” He was influenced by Surrealism and was also an experimental filmmaker. His belief in renewing and transforming materials, experiences, and ideas are evident in this artwork. The piece features birds such as parrots, parakeets, and budgies.

Cornell’s ability to communicate the beauty and magic in ordinary things is reflected in “Grand Hotel Semiramis.” The artwork is made up of a variety of found objects delicately arranged inside a wooden box. This creates a dreamlike scene that blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination. The intricate details are carefully thought out to create an otherworldly atmosphere that transports viewers into a fantasy world.

As an artist who believed in giving new life to old objects through his work, Cornell’s “Grand Hotel Semiramis” showcases his unique style perfectly. It shows his attention to detail with every object having its specific meaning within the context of the artwork. Overall, “Grand Hotel Semiramis” is an exceptional example of Cornell’s creativity with his ability to transform seemingly meaningless objects into something enchanting.

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