Green Angel (1990) by Jasper Johns

Green Angel - Jasper Johns - 1990

Artwork Information

TitleGreen Angel
ArtistJasper Johns
MediumEncaustic and sand on Canvas
Dimensions190.5 x 127 cm (75 x 50")
Current LocationCollection Walker Art Center, Mineapolis

About Green Angel

Jasper Johns is a renowned American artist who has created a motif called Green Angel. This motif has been used in over forty of his artistic works, including paintings, drawings, and prints. One of the notable pieces featuring the Green Angel motif is an etching and aquatint titled Green Angel (1991).

Another artwork that highlights the Green Angel motif is a painting called Paintings and Drawings (Green Angel) (1990). The artwork uses encaustic and sand on canvas to create textured layers while incorporating the central element of the Green Angel.

The origin of Jasper Johns’ Green Angel dates back to 1990 when he first introduced it in his exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery. Through the remarkable artwork, Johns interrogates how people see and interpret things around them, highlighting facets such as perception and interpretation.

Jasper Johns’ use of colors in his artworks relies heavily on symbolism. His choice of green in the Green Angel works could be interpreted in different ways by different viewers since green associates with various emotions like nature, growth, balance or even envy or jealousy depending on its context. Overall though Jasper John’s exploration into color within his body of work seems consistent given his fascination with challenging our interpretation through visual effects.Beyond symbolic meanings he played around with materials exploring texture as well from plaster casts to using found objects making him one-of-a-kind combination of high artistry combined with Duchamp-esque concept-centered philosophies that have matured distinctly into their own career so far ahead from when it started.

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