Guitar and fruit dish (1919) by Juan Gris

Guitar and fruit dish - Juan Gris - 1919

Artwork Information

TitleGuitar and fruit dish
ArtistJuan Gris
Dimensions60 x 73 cm
Art MovementCubism

About Guitar and fruit dish

The artwork “Guitar and fruit dish” was created by artist Juan Gris in 1919. It embodies the Cubist art movement and falls under the still life genre. The dimensions of the piece are 60 by 73 centimeters. This particular work is a classic example of Cubism, showcasing the deconstruction of subjects into geometric forms and the interplay of multiple perspectives.

The artwork depicts a guitar and a dish of fruit arranged on a flat surface. In true Cubist fashion, the subjects are fragmented and reassembled in an abstract form. The guitar, a central element, is reduced to its most basic geometric shapes, with its strings and curved silhouette still recognizable amid the other shapes and forms. The fruit dish is similarly abstracted, with the grapes appearing as a cluster of circles that seem to float next to the guitar. The color palette is subdued, with an emphasis on browns, beiges, blues, and grays, contributing to the harmonious and balanced composition.

Overall, Juan Gris’s “Guitar and fruit dish” demonstrates the artist’s skillful manipulation of form, light, and shadow to reinterpret conventional subject matter through the Cubist lens.

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