Guitar and Glass (1914) by Juan Gris

Guitar and Glass - Juan Gris - 1914

Artwork Information

TitleGuitar and Glass
ArtistJuan Gris
Dimensions55.3 x 47.6 cm
Art MovementSynthetic Cubism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Guitar and Glass

The artwork “Guitar and Glass” by Juan Gris, created in 1914, is a seminal piece within the Synthetic Cubism art movement. The still life measures 55.3 by 47.6 centimeters and, as of the last known information, is part of a private collection.

In describing the artwork, it is a rich juxtaposition of geometric shapes, textures, and colors that exemplify the Synthetic Cubist style. The composition features a guitar and a glass, fragmented and reassembled across a canvas in a manner that challenges traditional perspectives. Warm, earthy tones dominate the palette, accented by patterns that resemble wood grain and floral motifs, adding both depth and delicacy to the picture plane. Gris employs a varied texture throughout the artwork, with intricate detailing that could suggest decorative elements or printed materials. These visual elements are masterfully arranged, exemplifying the Synthetic Cubist approach of constructing imagery from pre-existing materials or suggesting such construction, which marks a departure from the earlier analytic phase of Cubism where forms were fragmented and analyzed.

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